S tellar Informatics builds innovative Computer Software Applications. We consistently improve our internal processes to reduce cost overruns while producing High Quality applications. Our Project Managers and Analysts have business backgrounds and approach projects with a viewpoint of "How Can We Strengthen Your Business".

B oosted by over 50 man-years of experience, our trained software engineers and system analysts have been delivering custom software solutions "On-time and within budget" since 1992.
O ur Services:
  Software Development
  Enhance Existing Software Application
  Upgrade Environment for Existing Application

T he applications Stellar Informatics develop pay for themselves quickly, while you receive the benefits over a long period of time. It's all a matter of how quickly you want your company to grow and your internal processes improved.

Software applications need re-testing whenever your firm's Operating System, Database, or Electronic Mail system is upgraded or switched to a different one. Applications often require changes for them to work properly in a new computing Environment. Otherwise it could result in your application:

  • Storing bad data without your knowledge
  • Reporting incorrect results to upper management
  • Portions of the application not working properly
  • Other undesirable events

Stellar Informatics's Upgrade Service will verify your applications will work in your new computing environment without business interruption. Our Test Lab has many different Operating Systems, several databases and several e-mail packages available for testing.

We perform an audit of your software applications, identifying the ones that will be affected by the computing environment change and make the required application updates. You are provided a copy of the Issues Log so you understand the issues the computing environment change produced.

If enhancements are also wanted, our Application Enhancement and our Application Environment Upgrade Services are combined to supply you with an application that works in your new Business and Computing environment.