Our Stellar Project Methodology results in High-Quality software applications. We limit your risk while ensuring you get what you need. Stellar Informatics provides the following services:


The Detailed Design Specifications are one step above traditional "pseudo-code" and allow an easy transition to designing and writing the application's code. Wherever possible, we use previously written code to reduce programming and testing time.


A Test Team verifies the application works per its Specifications and Test Plans. They provide testing feedback in the form of an Issues Log to the development team, detailing any issues that need to be fixed. The development team fixes the identified issues and the application is re-tested by the test team. This process continues until all items work as specified. We have found that peer review of each other's work is a strong motivator to do it right the first time.


An installation program is built, the application installed at your location and user training is provided. The end-result is a High-Quality application ready to be put into production for your firm. For qualifying applications, any bugs and out of spec items are fixed free of charge for a specified amount of time. This helps reduce your risk while driving our Project Teams to continually improve their processes.


Stellar Informatics enhances your application by applying our Stellar Project Methodology in an abbreviated format. We identify the incremental (new) changes necessary to fulfill your new business requirements. This results in the Detailed Design Specification identifying the specific changes to the application's screens and reports for the programmers to make.


The necessary changes identified in the Detailed Design Specification are made to the application. The completed application is returned with an installation program and necessary data conversion programs, to make your enhanced application available without disruption to your business and users.


Software applications need re-testing whenever your firm's Operating System, Database, or Electronic Mail system is upgraded or switched to a different one. Applications often require changes for them to work properly in a new computing Environment. Otherwise it could result in your application:

  • Storing bad data without your knowledge
  • Reporting incorrect results to upper management
  • Portions of the application not working properly
  • Other undesirable events
  • Stellar Informatics's Upgrade Service will verify your applications will work in your new computing environment without business interruption. Our Test Lab has many different Operating Systems, several databases and several e-mail packages available for testing.


    We perform an audit of your software applications, identifying the ones that will be affected by the computing environment change and make the required application updates. You are provided a copy of the Issues Log so you understand the issues the computing environment change produced.


    If enhancements are also wanted, our Application Enhancement and our Application Environment Upgrade Services are combined to supply you with an application that works in your new Business and Computing environment.